Viewed from in-depth philosophy is almost no deep meaning or meanings that have a value of history ..

BURGERTIME … so people will think we are hearing a group of people who sell food american and european style that is very famous .. But we’re not that .. BURGERTIME is a group of people who unite in the mission and vision of a group that plays BAND rhythmic reggae music .. We formed early in the year 2000 and the consistency that produces a very proud of our work in 2005 .. It works in the form of an album titled Workers …. BURGERTIME as a reggae band to be in Indonesia is still held up social themes and Love and a little rebellion against DRUGS that in fact already a bad stigma for a reggae band …. BURGERTIME ready to fight all forms of music campaign DRUGS with us and will bring the world a positive impression of the negative views that reggae reggae near DRUGS ….. Let’s Fight DRUG with reggae with BURGERTIME ………..


Rully: Lead Singer Vocal And fuckin

The King: Lead Guitar Distortion And Bad

Pathub: And fuckin Five String Bass Fender Jazz Bass Of

Iwhan: Drumm Boys Cool

poer : Percusion And Backing Vocal

For description and further information may be coming to our base camp at

South ngestiharjo SOBOMAN IKIP PGRI Sewu Sono Yogyakarta Indonesia

Menjadikan UB40, Alpha blondy, dengan bob marley sebagai pengaruh dalam bermusik. Lagu mereka yang sarat pesan sosial yang biasa dilantunkan membuat band ini juga kerap di lirik oleh masyarakat khususnya para pecinta reggae.



Tahun 2006, burgertime mengeluarkan album pertama yang berjudul KAUM BURUH. Lagu-lagu di album ini diantaranya :

~ Kaum buruh

~ Berjemur

~ Ra Ono Liyane

~ Danger

~ Napza

~ Becak

~ Disaster

~ Warnamu

~ Angkuh.


Bagi yang ingin mengenal lebih jauh atau booking band ini, datang aja langsung ke Soboman Yogyakarta. Atau kontak ke hp manajemen burgertime: RULLY 087839911187

Email :

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